Do your students


mathematics or

Phobic to it?

“The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated but to make complicated things simple.”

The learning styles of the children is not the same universally. Some learn by Text book and blackboard method whereas many don’t. This turns children disinterested and even phobic towards learning especially, mathematics. This issue is well addressed in the recent Hindi hit movie “Tare Zameen Par”.

When children’s body is arrested in desk and bench for hours and mind is caged in the textbook and blackboard, the result is - what it is today. The blatant truth is many a students don’t enjoy mathematics whereas there future and career is dependent so much on doing well in this subject.

Touched by the dismay of the struggle of the children, I took up a research for a more interesting way of learning that can suit learning styles of most of the children and not just the so called toppers. Consequently, here comes the solution :
“Mathematics Lab”

The children rejoice mathematics rather than turning into phobic This gives all the freedom to a child to use the 3d Mathematics Model to explore, experiment and understand mathematical concepts through activities. They don’t just learn but experience how a formulae derived by physically manipulating the learning material.

This has evolved out of 15 years of valuable experience of teaching, conducting workshopsand a wide research in pedagogy, all over Inida. Activities like students workshops, Mothersworkshops, Ganitawdhanam have rewarded me an “INNOVATIVE TEACHER AWARDEE” and have written scored of books on mathematics.

This well researched and well tried lab has got churned out as a soothing solution to the difficult experiences of the students, teachers and the managements of the caring schools.

The teachers find it convenient to explain many a difficult topics. The management finds it a handy tool project the image of their infrastructure with the presence of Mathematics Lab in the school. Because all the schools and parents with a futuristic vision have started acquiring the “Mathematics Lab” , so don’t lag behind. Moreover the boards are working towards making Mathematics Lab mandatory along with marks for internal assessment, so gear up for the future.

Please visit my the web site “” For further details of the lab and the web based as well personal support to implement it effectively.Sure you won’t let let down and deprive the students of your school form the lifetime experience of enjoying mathematics in your school with the “Mathematics Approach” learning.

Children will thank you for this forever because with it

“Mathematics is like a poetry of logical ideas.”

S. Chandra sekhara Sastry

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